Japanese Patent & Technical Document Services

Japanese Patents ・Office Actions・Search Reports

Your Japanese patent documents are diligently translated on the basis of five years of practical experience in patent filing and patent prosecution procedures before the USPTO, JPO, EPO and WIPO.  Specialist areas include translation of patent applications, office actions, search reports, examination reports and official notices involving:

  1. Image recognition algorithms,

  2. pattern recognition algorithms,

  3. networking and network application sharing,

  4. bio-medical sensing (micro-lens array based),

  5. surface plasmon resonance sensors,

  6. artificial intelligence applications,

  7. optical waveguide technologies.

Document Searching & Selective Translation Service


You can request a document (manual, technical papers, etc.,) to be obtained directly from a manufacturer or professional association. You can also send the pages you have already scanned for translation. Feel free to indicate if you are unsure which pages you need; translation will begin only after a search, followed by discussion and agreement on the pages you would be most interested in.

Further information can be found here.

Other Services


  1. Translation of documents from Japanese into English and English into Japanese.

  2. Summarization in English of Japanese Office Actions and Search Reports (for PCT Applications filed with the JPO)

  3. Summarization in Japanese of USPTO or EPO Office Actions and EPO Search Reports

  4. Transcription of Japanese Audio (in preparation for translating subtitles) to Japanese Text

  5. Letters of Inquiry to Japanese companies

  6. Proofreading and Revision (English or Japanese)

  7. Recording of Voice Overs (Japanese or English)

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